Tuesday, October 14, 2008

election year blues

I hate this season- it ruins what is usually one of my favorite times of the year. September is meant to be a beautiful month with gentle days and quiet nights, gold & yellow leaves and pumpkins on the doorstep. October enters with crisp mornings and shimmering moonlight, shorter days and falling leaves. Birthdays are coming up and secrets for Christmas are being hatched.

Instead we are inundated with political adds and an endless stream of news. Issues are addressed simplistically and real problems are ignored. Politicians are part of the daily stream of conversation instead of being a late night talk show joke, yet a political malaise seems to be rampant. People are not really aware of the differences in the two candidates (or really, all the similarities). They look to the media for answers yet the media has no motivation to tell the truth, and if fact the opposite is true. It's far easier to hammer out the sound-bite answers and the quick fixes that will band-aid a larger gaping wound. It's just depressing.

I think we'll just keep rambling along until there is nothing left.


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