Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thinking back...

In a few days I will be celebrating 4 years of blogging. Not as long as some, longer than others. Not a record by any means. Since that time I've changed jobs and gotten a new position (I'm now Lead Clerk at Denver Public Library-- the organizer, essentially),
could I have posed this any better?
 started seeing a neurologist for my ongoing struggle with migraines (still a long and frustrating journey), I've moved into a new house, my son has had his first day in middle school and now this year, high school.
Just before middle school- 12 yrs old
 Maurice was let go of his job at the schools (long and frustrating story) and is now working at the library. Maurice's son (to whom I am pretty close) has moved with the love of his life to Oregon...
 And my oldest daughter (25 years old!) has moved into a nice little home she and the love of her life chose to buy (if you're curious about my kids, you can see a bit more here) on the opposite side of town. My middle daughter turned 21 and...
To Life!
Well, let's just say, life has changed dramatically (as it does for all of us) although not as dramatically as the previous four years (but THAT is truly another long story).

I began blogging because I was asked by the founder? originator? person who thought up 'National Blog Writer's Month' ( a.k.a. NaBloWriMo) suggested I start one because I am a writer and because she hoped I would join NaBlo. I began writing on my blog as a sort of catharsis, ranting on politics, religion, and anything else that came to mind. I wasn't really aware of what blogging really was, that the goal was to get readers, follow others, etc... And perhaps even if someone has told me, I wouldn't have cared. I needed my blog to be what it was at that time. Eventually I figured out there were other bloggers out there- some with great pictures, others with interesting ideas and others who were writing (just like I was -and am). I had more time for blogging when I first began this little trek of mine and though now my schedule is much more demanding, I still plug on, posting mostly pictures that I take as Mo and I find beautiful vistas and hidden wild gardens because, essentially, I have no energy to write a lot for my blog and write on my WIP.  
(I really love this cover design but doubt the artist will let me use it.)
I'm usually completely satisfied with my blog- I love sharing the pics I take with you and I love looking back at them. Sometimes I feel a little guilty that I don't share a bit more of my life (I mean how many of you knew that my oldest was 25???)
On the other hand, I am firmly of the thought that my blog is for beauty and horizons, not for airing dirty laundry, family secrets or telling work stories (although I have told a few humorous ones). 

Next month, I will strive to post every day although I can already tell you it is going to be difficult to etch out the time in my schedule. What will most definitely not be difficult is that I am going to use that time to tell you a little about the blogging friends I have found along the way because let's face it, what would our blogs be without readers? Well, I guess they'd be diaries- which aren't bad! But as writers we do hope to find people who will respond to what we wrote, who will find a bit of truth or make a connection in some way. All the bloggers I share will be friends, oldish and newish (all relative to my blogging years) not all writers, just fellow travelers out there in the blogging world. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I will! 


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