Monday, October 8, 2012

Too cute

And a great message!
You can fast forward a bit but don't miss it when she comes out the first time- it's great to see and hear the reaction.

Oh and before I forget...
Today's "No... THANK YOU!" award goes to Michael Di Gesu of In Time- a writer, Michael is still in the process of doing the querying and submission thing. A former model, he now gets the green energy from interior design and you can see his good taste on his blog, the pictures he takes and in the designs he has posted (also pictures). He's been a blogging buddy for almost two years (I met him during a Christmas Blogfest) and have had the pleasure of his neighborly visits since. If you drop by his blog, you'll find that Michael also shares his getting into shape tips which are great suggestions for those of us who want to drop a  few pounds- and who doesn't? 
So THANK YOU, Michael for all your support and encouragement!


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