Thursday, June 3, 2010

Death and Politics at the end of our world

Look at what mankind has wrought...
Amidst the mighty works of flight to the moon and explorations to the deep...

are the remains of the carcasses that were left behind while you gloried in you excesses.

Now death has come and with all your technology and marvels, you are unable to solve your own complications, unable to fathom the depths to which you will sink.

And there is always a helpless creature who will suffer the greatest- always the vulnerable who are mauled. 

By showing these images this afternoon on her television program on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow got it right. She's doing the reporting that needs to be done on the Oil disaster along the Gulf Coast. She's out there showing what the mainstream press is not going to show middle America and she needs to be applauded. You can watch the show at:

Matt Taibbi is G-O-D

 In another brilliant expose on the state of the Union, Matt Taibbi in his most recent article Rolling Stone Magazine gives John Madden a run for his commentator-money with his play-by-play description of the 'Restoring American Financial Stability Act' that was recently weaving it's way through Washington


Wall Street's War by Matt Taibbi

 Opening in the early months of May when the legislation was heading toward the finish line, Taibbi is astonished to discover the bill contains aggressive measures to rein in Wall Street's rodeoesque wild west show.  As Washington barrel races toward the finish line, Taibbi not only learns a lesson that schools Schoolhouse rock (well duh, we always knew the little song was too simplistic and overly optimistic, but it still did more to teach the route a bill has to take that is more educational and no less optimistic than most  civics classes) but reveals the real problem in Washington- which is that a SMALL(say, three of four) number of (corrupt) men hold all the power over whether a bill or amendment will even get a vote, let alone pass and the representation we all assume we're getting when we vote for our representatives in the Senate and the House is virtually nonexistent.  This article along with the blog entry he wrote in response to reader reaction and as a follow-up to what has happened since writing his article are a must read and a reference point for everything we see (or think we see) going on in politics today. CHEERS MATT!;kw=[36899,157778]

See his blog at:;kw=[blog,58584]


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