Thursday, October 25, 2012

don't know about you...

but for me, I write a bit like I take a photograph.
Move it and focus the object, adjust the camera, focus again:
Move it one more time. Look at it from another new angle. Focus and click.
 Now a little editing. Tweak the color, crop the edges, now add a softened edge.
hmmmm, maybe. 
Try it from another angle. One of the other pictures.Crop it, boost the color, soften the edges with a soft greenish vignette feel.
Pretty good. I'll put my name to it (another edit which entails a bit more scrutiny)...
and wa-la! 
Not a masterpiece but at least it's pleasing for me to look at.
Unless I am completely lazy and just post it without editing- which I do sometimes but I NEVER write without that process- except on my blog.
And... A piece of cake, right? 
Or a painful process which makes one wonder why they ever began writing in the first place...


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