Sunday, July 25, 2010

A favorite walk

Life is entirely too dreary these days-- too many things to be upset about, too many things to be angry about... so perhaps it's time to switch direction a bit. In fact it might be nice to take a walk on a favorite path where one can enjoy nature in the midst of chaos. (Daring oncoming traffic to have a go at me, I ran (or was pushed depending on who tells the story) out into traffic to capture one of those beautiful yet perhaps too common to truly be appreciated panoramas that give Denver it's reputation) Here we are looking west toward Dinosaur Ridge, Green Mountain (another favorite hike) and if the resolution in this photograph were a little better you could see the Mount Evans Massif.    
 So, off we go! 
Let's turn left
off the bustling thoroughfare of Hampden. 

Into the wilds and into...


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