Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank you! and Blogging on Politics

Talei Loto at Musings of an Aspiring Scribe has completely topped my week by awarding me The Versatile Blogger award-- which is special in and of itself but along with award commented that she had found several bloggers (me among them) recently and found them "fantastic"-- just kind words! So... Thank you Talei! I will  pass it on as tradition warrants and hopefully remember to list the 7 tidbits about myself! 

Also! In other news... I've decided to change my other blog from a Christmas blog (which never got used) to a political one which I hope to engage in hot topics of the day-- Meanderings of a Wandering Mind. If you are a progressive and enjoy progressive politics, hop on over and follow my occasional meandering OR if you're not but don't mind some polite disagreement (POLITE being the operative word there!) then hop on over! Today's quick posting is on Gun control versus First amendment rights in light of the shooting in Arizona... hope to see you there!


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