Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is it an eagle? Is it a snake?

I'm developing a new character and I have a pretty clear picture of who I think she is. If you were to name her spirit animal what would you say it was?  
She advances down the street with a confidence that holds life itself in contempt, she has a "you-aren't-going-to-defeat-me" gait that carries her around The Common and, fortunately, well beyond The Peonage. She plows through the cracked and crooked Cyprus door, pausing only to allow her cornea time to adjust to the dim, the duskiness that inhabits the cleavage of the walls scurries across the floorboard and over the surface of the hovel that has somehow gained the reputation as a shop. Compound odors of garlic, curry, cigar, incense, dust, and ancient artifact assault the nasal passages of her finely refined nose resulting in a stallioned flare just as the irritation overwhelms her and explodes into the silent gloominess. Plainly the war on grime has been lost and she swats at her hand-pressed sierra-sand-colored skirt and fitted white blouse to prevent any possible incursions to her personage. The tailor-made "Refined Explorer" boots she purchased in Milan wrinkle of their own volition in distaste, disgusted by their proximity to the dirt floor which had undoubtedly been the bed of herd animal at some not too distant past. Cosmetically enhanced nails brush a single stray hair that has rebelliously crept down out of sternly drawn locks and smooths it back in place as she prepares herself for a wait that would have made Abraham impatient. 


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