Sunday, September 18, 2011

Planned obsolescence? Planned murder, more like!

Computers are the ultimate model in planned obsolescence which is frustrating but it means I have learned to take care of my computer. And I pride myself in being a self-taught computer tech- the techies downtown are generally happy with me because when they give me directions over the phone I can carry them out with little or no angst. But today, I may have met my match. My computer is having some sort of issue where it doesn't communicate with the USB ports which means that my cordless mouse no longer works and the light of my life, my digital camera, will not communicate with my computer. AHHHHHHHH!!!! I cannot express to you how frustrating this is. I LOVE my digital camera and how easy it is to take pictures, download them and then post them on my blog. Not to mention that as I was checking out the problems on the HP website, it appears the problem is not only expensive but could become worse if not fixed. It could mean my ipod shuffle won't communicate with my computer and eventually the disc drive I burn discs from might not work. The whole situation makes me to do this...
All in all folks, I feel they have us coming and going. The banks and oil barons own the politicians and can get whatever they want in Washington. Meanwhile the people we buy our stuff from: potato chips, shoes, computers, etc. make the common stuff we buy more cheaply so they don't last half as long (and in the case of potato chips has anyone else noticed how few potato chips are actually in a bag of potato chips while you are paying more???). I haven't had a pair of comfortable shoes for tennis or exercising in for ages! I try them on, they feel great and then get them home and they're torture (and I am not buying Walmart specials, folks!) Now my computer is giving me fits after two years and I have done everything I could to take care of this damn machine!!! 
Any techies out there know how to fix this problem? 
I'm desperate!!! 

Update: It appears the problem is fixed-- FOR NOW. I'm not holding my breath because it wasn't anything I really did so the problem could come back as easily it went away. But I much thank Michael Offut for trying to help me out! Thanks Michael!!! You're a real sweet heart. 


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