Friday, February 18, 2011

The Challenge & reaching 100 followers!

Today while I was busy writing my challenge I reached the big  
(WOOHOO!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!) If I had crept up to it more slowly, I'd have been prepared! There would be prizes and... champagne!!! But having so many terrific new followers from the Crusades has meant things have been going very quickly recently so I just really have time to say thank you to all of you and this looks to be a fun challenge!!!!


Reading today’s challenge
I was beset with a sudden urge to regurgitate
I’m supposed to tell
the dark meanderings of my soul
with nary a blade to defend myself?
And why, I pondered, would the tiniest rabbit,
care to know 
whether I obsess over puzzles
as they’re lying out on the table in their incompleteness
that I swoon over sunshine
as it gleams through my bedroom window
and delight in the fluttering descent
of snowflakes on the windowsill?
Who would believe
in the darkest recesses of their mind
that I might spar with Einstein
just to assure myself of my own mental acuity
all the while knowing
if I were to stand up on stage
I could be bereft of words,
a fuliguline sea duck looking more intelligent than I
as I stare helplessly 
into the SPOTLIGHT
But the years have not left me
completely wanting of words of wisdom
I am capable of offering 
an understanding or two 
for a friend caught
in frustration
But I shall bloviate no more
pontificate no longer,
especially as one of the things
which I have shared with you
isn’t strictly
can you guess which one?    


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