Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Creations Blogfest!

Happy Birthday Summer!! and thanks for the hosting the blogfest! 
So here are the rules:  one sentence is a favorite last line from one story last year... and one brand new sentence to start something new.

When I first read about Summer's blogfest I wasn't going to enter because I didn't have a last year's ending sentence so this is a little cheat--it is a piece of "Death and Politics at the End of the World"  which I submitted as a short story, but I didn't write a short story last year so.... 

"Pulling out into the steady stream of traffic, I am only half aware of changing lights and turning cars as I measure my own lucidity."  

if you object to my cheat you could read the ending of my blogposts from this year here and here...

This year's new sentence:

"It smothers her, enclosing her in its tentacled grip of hostility and drags her down into an abyss as she struggles, even as realization dawns that there is no escaping the invisible appendages that pull her, flailing in futility until her al dente spaghetti limbs ache with the effort.


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