Thursday, November 6, 2008

Are we done being victims yet?

Does it help? Maybe we can celebrate Obama's victory because we have to give up our "poor me I can't do it because of the establishment" now? The only place I have seen sexism or racism in a long time is in the church. Largely moneyism is what determines who's going to be in charge or get the job.


I never raised my children to believe that their color or gender would ever keep them from doing anything... but I also never gave my children the idea that they needed to be the president of the U.S. or even of a corporation in order to have worth. I always felt they needed to be the best people they could be. And looking back, I don't think if I had told my daughters they could be the president of the United States that that would have given them anything they needed.

Too many of the children in this country-- for that matter too many Americans in general-- suffer from entirely too much ego. They act as though they are the most important person in the universe already-- do we really need to emphasize our children's potential (and I might add FALSE potential-- I mean, really, what are the ODDS of becoming president even with the right education and background? Pretty high I'd wager. Maybe even higher than winning the lottery) to be the most powerful person on earth? Religion already gives it's followers the idea that they can be like Jesus or god (which is WAY better than the president, by their doctrine)-- and most of them are just arrogant and self-conceited jerks who can't live what they preach. Is that what we need? REALLY?? MORE self-important individuals????

Haven't we suffered enough from that attitude?

If there needs to be an emphasis- it really does need to be on Obama's education and intelligence- that he did not get the job because his momma had money or his daddy was the president or because he had the best commercials (at least I hope he's not all marketing!) Perhaps that emphasis will put the idea in the black kid who comes into the library every day that he needs to start getting his own education-- that he CAN be more than a dumb football player because there are too many black and white football players who are idolized in this country- and being more than an uneducated athlete isn't really all that hard! And when my son is pouting because he doesn't really like to read and doesn't see the value in it- he can't sit back and feel sorry for himself because he doesn't know of any black men who read and are smart, so why should he work on his reading???... well, now he does! And yes, I will celebrate that! But then if my son were white, he could learn the same thing!


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