Sunday, March 13, 2011

A quiet week

I've not done much blogging this week and if I hadn't signed up for the 'Favorite Picture Book Blogfest', I might not have done any at all. Part of the reason is that this is my busy week- getting my son back and forth to school means leaving the house at 7 and not getting home until 6:30 or later leaves me with little energy to write anything, even a blog entry. The other reason is that I also spent some time updating my resume as a new position opened up at work and I had to have it all polished up and sent in by Friday. It was done Thursday afternoon but it always takes time to get that sort of stuff done. But even today I find little interest in writing with all of the tragic news coming from Japan, the ongoing rallies in Wisconsin and the rest of the country which seem to have little or no effect in slowing down the corporate takeover of the government run agencies (and they should be government run!) and on a more personal level, the loss of work for teachers and support staff in my son's school district as well as a four day school week which is simply stunning, to say the least. We've also experienced job loss in our home as result of budget cuts on the part of Denver Public Schools and as Denver looks at balancing it's budget for next year, my position may not be cut but we will be under increasing pressure as the library will not be able to replace workers who transfer positions, retire or quit and of course we will still have at least five unpaid days off next year, and of course there will probably be increase in cost of our benefits (again) *sigh* And with the last remnants of the winter blues still clinging to my sleeves I am just too worn out to write anything beyond an explanation of why I am not writing anything. So, perhaps what I need, perhaps what we all need is poetry and the peace that comes with a new day:

Sea of the Morning

Here let me stand, that, for a while, I too
may gaze on nature. Marvellous blue tints
of a morning sea and an unclouded sky
contrasting with an amber-coloured shore, —
all luminously beautiful and grand...

Here let me stand and think I see these things  
(I really did see them for a moment,
soon after I had stopped) —
and not, here also,
my fantasies, my reminiscences,
the incomparable idols of delight.

~~C.P. Cavafy, translator


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