Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't pray for the Haitians

The hypocrisy and outright gall of Americans to send happy thoughts and prayers to the Haitians is outrageous. If any of us could solve the world's problems with "happy thoughts" or prayers, then the world would not have the problems it has. (Barbara Ehrenreich has a BRILLIANT book on this called "Bright-sided" which should be required reading- for ALL!)

But as to Haiti, the hypocrisy of now sending happy thoughts just cannot be born. In an article on Reader Supported News, James Ridgeway says this, "US policy has actually undermined Haiti's ability to be a "self-sustaining nation," especially its ability to feed itself. America's history of invasion, occupation, and intervention into Haiti's political and economic life stretches back two centuries, with plenty of help from homegrown Haitian despots. But since the 1980s, in particular, the United States has helped turn a nation of low-tech subsistence farmers into a dumping ground for American agribusiness."

You simply cannot rape a people and then wish the consequences away with prayer and support!

Read more of his article at: http://readersupportednews.org/opinion/180-natural-disaster-/770-james-ridgeway-exporting-misery-to-haiti


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