Tuesday, October 2, 2012


months. One thousand four hundred twenty nine days. That's the time we have left before we have reached the point of no return. 1429. Does it seem more urgent that way? It's urgent. A group of scientists have come together to tell us all that we are on a path that is leading us straight to a point in global chaos that can not be reversed. Some feel that we are already past that point although I will say that as I read it, the reason they observe the situation in this manner is because the political structure is not in place to change things radically enough in the next 50 months. I happen to concur but nonetheless, it's time to make global change via a global chain (Not unlike the promotional device of coke "I'd like to buy the world a coke...") In all seriousness, we need to stand together, (like the people of Whoville) and say, "We are here (we are here, we are here-- whoops I did say, serious) and we need to have real sustainable change for the sake of the planet we depend on for sustenance!" It's not a simple jingle to shout out, I know, but it is necessary. Otherwise,we are screwed. 

So, in an attempt to find a hand to link to, I have joined the One Hundred Months website to express my solidarity with this movement and to show my commitment to the changes that are necessary and YOU CAN TOO. Just click on the picture:

 Then we can all sing together: "It's the real thing, coke is!"

Now, in keeping with my month "No, thank YOU!!!! fest" (That's funny, I just now dreamt that up- but that's it's new name) to my commentors, I want to thank the blogger from whom this Comment award originally came...
Trish of WORD + STUFF is a constant in my world of blogging. I met her in a bloghop two years ago and have enjoyed following her blog ever since. She is a librarian so when I gripe about library stuff, she completely grocks (even though some library issues are a little different Downunder, I am sure). She is also a writer and unlike me, is quite industrious and generally has about 5000 projects going at one time. Okay maybe only 4691- but close enough. She is really the most driven person I can think of. She does both NaNos each year and has incredible (unrealistic???) writing goals each year. On top of that she writes songs and has a real artistic flair. This is just one example of her incredible drawings:
Hope you don't mind I posted this Trish! It's really a great example of your work!
She is planning on adding to her portfolio with one drawing a week (I told you she had high goals set and if I followed her example, I would be finished with my project already. Sadly, I am just not as industrious as she is!) So, hope you drop by to see her! Thanks for the award Trish and right back at ya!


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