Thursday, June 19, 2014

Favorite Bookstore memories?

The Guardian had an article today that I wished I'd responded to today  Bookshop memories: your pictures and stories but since I have a blog I don't have to write in to them and just have somebody skim over my part dreaming about their own memories. I can write it here and then I can ask my blogging friends about their own bookstore memories.   

So I have two that I will share… The first is about the Tattered Cover. It is a one of the best bookstores in Denver and I've enjoyed going there for years. Romantically Maurice and I had our first date there 9 years ago on June 12th. Sadly, this particular location (which was a great one!) has moved and been changed to a home d├ęcor store and exercise studio. But they are still in three locations around Denver which we frequent will some regularity. 
Tattered Cover Cherry Creek
The second is my first big shopping trip buying books. I was preparing to go to college and I had save money to buy the things I needed for the year ahead. Most would think mostly about clothes, towels, shampoos… etc, Not me. I had about $400 (I think). I’d been more or less commanded to set some of that aside for clothes but the rest I’d designated that toward… books! So I headed off to the mall to do my shopping and spent a lovely afternoon at Walden books (back when they had such a thing at the mall). I bought trade paperbacks so that my small budget would go further (I didn't know how many used bookstores there were in Denver at that time). Herbert, Hemingway, Hawthorne, Bronte, Austin, and Tolkien were among the names that were added to my library that day. I was so thrilled to walk out of the bookstore, my arms filled with some of the best literature I could find.

So what about you? Do you have a bookshop memory? I’d love to hear it!     


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