Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Words mean things... or do they?

Topiramate promethazine used to keep me going but they are now set aside for nortriptyline gabapentin verapamil which allow me to get out of bed without having to have sumatriptan- an important sentence that may mean nothing to you but means the world to me. Which is why my last post for this year's NaBloWriMo is less than- well maybe I should say just barely articulate.
Happy Halloween! 
My favorite monster!
I don't want to let this month go by without giving the No.... thank you! 'Great Comments Award' (awarded to me by Trisha at WORD+STUFF) to Michael Offutt! Michael told me he didn't want the award but I am ignoring his wishes because I wanted to make sure you meet him. ONE of the reasons Michael is a great commenter is due to his honesty. I always appreciate what he has to say. Another is that when I was going ballistic with my computer one day (a year ago or so? It wasn't finding any of the USB ports- completely maddening!) Michael talked me down before I tossed it out the window and made some helpful suggestions. Fortunately, it wasn't as big a problem as it seemed to be but his help was invaluable! The other reason I am ignoring his wishes is that I wanted to be sure that you went to his blog this evening. He's been doing a Halloween Fetish Count that is worth going back and catching up on, so pop on by. The other thing I wanted you to know about Michael is that last year his first book published by  Double Dragon called...
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If you want to get a small taste of his writing style, you can download his short story for FREE.

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And in the spring, Michael will have another of his WIPs published. He gave an interview over at MPax's blog if you'd like to hear lots more about the story as he describes it.

Congrats on the upcoming release of Oculus Michael!!

(photo: Possible Futures)



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