Sunday, October 14, 2012

Here's lookin at you kid!

Moving on through my list of "no... Thank you!" Great comments award awardees, I wanted to introduce you to Ian from Views from the Bald Patch. Another writer, he is a writer of fantasy, is in the midst of several projects and has built a fantastic pirate ship for his kids in the backyard as part of the project he was working on at the time. It's really amazing, you should check it out. (BTW: none of the recipients of the 'Great Comments Award' need pass it on. The great thing about this award is that it gives me a chance to thank my commenters. If you don't want to pass it on because then it means that your followers will feel obligated to do the same, I should tell you there have been a few of these awards that though I was thrilled with the thoughtfulness, I did pass on passing those on- SO NO FEELINGS WILL BE HURT!) Anyway, while I was there saying hello, he passed on a "Look at that" tag. (And since I was looking for something to do for my blog post...) So what you do is, what it is is, so it's like... here's the deal: Count up the 'LOOK's in your current WIP and choose your favorite three, then post the paragraphs around the word. And I'm taking it on:       
1. Her fake grin dissolves. Thick webs of tangled braids oscillate around her counterfeit affability. She smiles wryly. “Lookin’ to tell Martha Money how she will meet the love of her life.”

2. The original bridge stretches out alongside the highway. Henry Flagler would burst the buttons of his sacque suit if he beheld the remains of his folly still in use by the state of Florida for the infrastructure of Highway One, while the skeletal remnants of the “eighth wonder of the world” point knotted knuckles at the haunted tresses of the past. The view from the Bahai Honda Bridge is stunning, exposing a wide island vista. I dissolve into the liquid looking glass

Arms fall uselessly, dead wood at my side. My body lurches, reflexively seeking to    expel,        inhale. A beam of sunlight shimmers on the surface but fades and wanes as I sink down, down…  Kick. 

3. My ear piercing shriek resoun–  Ernesto’s face remains incongruently impassive. The young waitress across the bar scans her territory wildly indifferent. A Hemingway look-alike hugging his gin and tonic glances up, slurs something about “one thrue thring” then ascetically renews his devotion. Self-absorbed disinterest forces placidity. Like watching the news not report on political corruption. I screamed, didn’t I?   

I actually didn't have many to choose from so hope you enjoyed them! Oh and go ahead and take it if you want it, if not, NO FEELINGS WILL BE HURT! 


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