Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's the hottest thing!

I know I've expressed a lot of... let's say reserve towards technology and the "latest thing". But I think this is really going to be BIG and I wanted to reveal it here! The only problem is that the video won't imbed so you'll have to go to the link. But trust me it will be totally worth it.

You can also go to this tumblr site to see it. It's about the 8th post down (so far)
The other videos are probably worth watching too! Have a great weekend!

Adustment: No more Google+ comments

After giving it some thought and just in general realizing that it could cause some folks some difficulty in commenting who didn't use google+, I have removed google+ comments. I still plan on using Google+ as a way to get more followers and obviously some followers, even old friends, will be able to comment there since they are also Google+ friends but it won't effect how anybody comments here.


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