Sunday, October 28, 2012

my head sounds like that

The angles are sharp and colors clear. The person talking close by is saying something about the neighbors that kept him up all night and the listener exclaims then breaks into a time-bombed guffaw. I am sitting a few feet away but the words slip between my fingers, then trickle onto the ground, joining the sandbox of sounds that gather in a place of congregation. I turn to see where the conversants have gone and notice the meteor trail left by wall, desk, phone... the blurred edges of the computer screen and metal shelving. My eyelids shutter closed, giving my visual cortex a quiet control+alt+delete before reengaging in light and geometric analysis. The chattering box and his captive audience sway gently sideways, their expressions out of focus and smearing into the distance as I fade off- back into the closet I briefly attempted to escape. 


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