Friday, November 5, 2010

Ode to Fall

Delicately dancing in, the fall began with colors splashed about like a child had spilled bits of paint.
One can almost imagine the imp dancing about, a bucket in one hand and paint brush in another. While bending over to quietly paint a leaf at the top of the tree, turning to and fro, angling this way and that, the bucket wobbles and bobbles, tips and tilts, and with each jolt a dollop of paint slops over the edge of the pot and onto the nearest leaf so that soona leaf here, a limb there, reds and ambers, gold, mustard and maize begin to appear amidst the lush green growth that have been with us for for the breath of a time called spring and summer.
 The days are yet temperate and we take advantage of the lingering sunlight for lengthy walks. 


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