Thursday, November 29, 2012


No really! I can't upload any new pictures on blogger because I have used all my space. My only options are: 1. start a new blog under a similar name so you all can find me 2. delete old pics (which means an awkward spot where pictures used to be) 3. Use old pictures (BLAH!!!) 4. Stop blogging. 5. Only do text entries. 6. Delete old posts (blah) 7. Do I have a seventh? I don't have a seventh. 
Any ideas? I'm open-- I'm not really crazy about any of these but if you can put a new light on one of the ones I suggested I would appreciate it... except for the ones I said "BLAH" or "awkward spot where pictures used to be" They were only options not really ones I would consider. 
Curses! Blast and more Curses!!! 
I am really beginning to hate blogger and google! (option 1 is starting to sound better!)


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