Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award pt. 2

Close on the heels of the Versatile blogger award from Donea, I received another Versatile Blogger award from Talei at Musing from an Aspiring Scribe. It was lovely and I was very moved by it-- trust me- having been the girl who was the last one chosen for kick ball on a regular basis, it does the ol' ego good to have a few awards coming her way! So thanks again Talei!
I would like to pass the award on to:

©     LadyFi at Lady Fi 
©     Sarah at The Unwrapping 
©     Brigitte at Brimagination
©     Marcy at Mainewords 
©     Clarissa at Listen to the Voices
©     Roxy at A Woman’s Write

 And as I have been around long enough to have a 23 year old daughter I think I can come up with seven more weirdnesses about myself to entertain you with (although why you care...):
(Drumroll please)

v     My first kiss was on stage (does it even count?!?!?)
v     I travelled to India and within the first few days I saw 120 degree temperatures, a typhoon and flooded roads in Bombay, rode on a train as full as the one on Gandhi (the film), and a body floating on the Ganges. Talk about culture shock!
v     My best friend in high school arranged a song especially for me to sing for a concert which included the Jazz Band.
v     On our last trip to Key West I was snorkeling a FEW FEET away from a small nurse shark! It looked at me, I looked at it and it swam away.
v     I can do a pretty good Cookie Monster imitation. The kids loved it when I worked at the daycare… although my Grover isn’t bad either. "There's a monster at the end of this book..."
v     I once spent $7000.00 in books in a few weeks. Okay, I’ll confess it was for the library not for me… but I did save up my graduation money and spent $200 on classic titles that I wanted to take with me to college—Dickens, The Bronte’s, Hawthorne, Fowles (told ya, I’m a BOOK NERD!)
v     In 11 years I lived in 15 different apartments or houses. (And the moves were made, generally, with 1 or 2 little ones in tow! Yikes! This is another thing you don't want to do!) 


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