Sunday, June 24, 2012

We Tripantu

It's summer time!

We are experiencing some of the highest temperatures on record here in Colorado and while that makes for lovely early morning /late afternoon hikes... 

Even the higher elevation  does not offer much, if any, relief. 

Still, long evenings at the top of a favorite spot, (we spent the 21st in camping chairs with a light dinner and champagne to bring in the solstice) watching till the skies are too dark to see anything but the city lights in the distance, are soul bendingly lovely. 
Photo courtesy of 91.5 KUNC
So, the rising temperatures are not dampening our enthusiasm for the long summer days and evenings that lie ahead. But they are creating havoc in the high country... 

 Bark Beetle damage has made swathes of forest into little more than tinder. In New Mexico, a recent fire devastated over 460 square miles of forest while here in Colorado firefighters are battling a fire just 60 miles from Denver. As of this morning, over 82,000 acres have burned and at least 141 houses have gone up in flames.

We could use a little rain.


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