Saturday, November 27, 2010


If you read the entry for today the moment it posted, you might have seen a picture of KMart, saw a quick post on Black Friday and a bit about what I am planning on buying my son. But then I visited 'Coffee Rings Everywhere' and read Rayna's post "You are what you decide to be" and got a bit of inspiration and thought I might put my response to her story here.

Some years ago I was at an author reading with a friend and we were standing around waiting for the event to begin when some of her friends from work walked up. I was taking a few classes and taking care of kids at home but I had begun writing and had begun to "find my voice." When she introduced me, her friends said, "What do you do?" (an uncommon incident among women) I didn't even breathe before I opened my mouth and said with confidence I didn't know I had, "I'm a writer." Did you just say that?  My internal voice went into full blown diatribe. I did.  You haven't even gotten a check yet! I have for nonfiction. You haven't even finished what you're writing. I write everyday....

And on it went for some moments until I calmed the little nagging voice that wanted me to doubt that I could write and that there was some line you had to cross in order to call yourself a writer... I was a writer and whatever I had to do in order to be a good writer, well it would be done.

So thanks once again, Rayna!


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