Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is a Crusader?

I'm still kind of figuring the whole thing out but I read about Rachel's Writer Platform Building Crusade on Michael's post at In Time a week or so ago and hopped over to see what it was all about. It sounded like fun and a great way to make connections with fellow bloggers-- a writing community online, if you will. And looking over the list it was good to see some of the people I already follow and who follow me on the list so it sounded like a good fit! Of course life has a way of throwing all kinds of curves at us at once and just after I signed up, I was hit with a bunch of things at work so I am hoping that I can keep up!!! The first challenge is to meet 200+ or fellow Crusaders! Wow! (Although I have already begun and I've had the pleasure of a few dropping by here first! )


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