Monday, February 16, 2009

Death and Politics at the end of the world

Five miles to the best Key Lime pie!
Number One Key Lime Pie…
Favorite Key Lime Pie…
Award Winning Key Lime Pie…
Who decides?
Key Lime cookies-
Key Lime cake-
Key Lime ice cream
Key Lime soup
Chocolate-covered Key-lime-on-a-stick
Key Lime off-a-stick
Key Lime Lemonade
Key Lime Margueritas!
Key Lime edible underwear…

Some people claim that
there’s a ma-an to blame.

Hog’s Breath—God’s Breath—hamburger yummers!… with everything… fries, Bartender’s special drink--- P-Thingy.

Bone Island: Boner…
Boner Island?
Boner Key—Bonkey…
Don key Otee.

For God’s sake, move- need to go!
“Land of the Free because of the brave”- figures, moron.

Left turn, right?
Right… Right?
No! left… right.

Southernmost Point
Southernmost Real Estate
Southernmost Hotel
Southernmost Café
Southernmost Bank
Southernmost Key Lime Pie
Southernmost oxygen.

Most Southernmost



People everywhere.

It’s a zoo…


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