Friday, January 23, 2009

People power...

In my concern about politics today (and the Obama administration specifically) there is one hope which could trump the "business as usual" political engine-- the voice of the people. If the liberal and progressive organizations that have been oh-so-vigilant during the dark days of the Bush administration would continue with their wariness-- recognizing that the political machinery itself is on a dangerous course and will continue to corner the democrats on the right, sound the alarms when the democrats change things without really changing things, then we might have a shot at real substantive change. Even IF Obama has the intention of changing things in a real way (and as I stated in my prior post, there is more evidence that he will not then that he will)-- there has to be a real will from the people to bring it about.

Vive la revolution!!!

Where is Che Guevara when you need him???


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