Monday, June 20, 2011

Oranges are not the only Fruit

In the list of my all time favorite authors on the right side of my page, Jeanette Winterson, is an easy favorite and I recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to be carried on the wings of of the wind and up into the clouds. (She also has a wonderful website On it she has articles she's written, short stories, poetry, and (obviously)a news board letting fans know what she has coming up (lectures, book releases, etc).

If you're interested in wetting your toes with a lovely bit of said author's work, I recommend Oranges are not the only Fruit. It's a semi-biographical or perhaps she might prefer it to be seen as "metabiographical" (See author's website) work that gives honesty a panache which is both painful and delightful. The main character was raised in a working-class evangelical home and she seems destined for christendom greatness as she prepares for missionary work and the pulpit.Unfortunately she finds herself on the other side of the church's right hand when it's discovered she's fallen in love with someone outside the faith-- well, in actuality it wouldn't matter if her amour had been in the faith... she fell in love with another she. Like the vane of a feather, the author skims over trauma and offers humanity with all it's craziness and dysfunctionality, while revealing the power and pain of being true to one's self.

While the gay community might try to label this piece of work as "gay" fiction, it transcends such categories and does what all great literature should do-- speaks of human truth.

Who is your all time favorite author?


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