Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ending the first day

Life is full of firsts-- your first steps, first words, first bicycle. There is wonder that fills those moments-- I recall watching my first child take her first steps, say "mama" for the first time...     
as I brush those moments in memory my eyes brim with the uniqueness of the occasion but can never recapture them. They are butterfly moments, quickly fleeting in their occurence and recollected only in far off  fields of Forget-me-Nots brought briefly back to life with a smell, a flavor. 

 New Year's day is a unique opportunity to embrace the Today as a first. Did you smile when you made love for the first time this morning? Did you enjoy the first message of "Happy New Year" from your children? Did you treasure the first breath you took in this first day, the first sunset? 
This day is a day to cherish firsts.  
What firsts did you stow in your memory banks for the future? 

*Emily at Keeping Time stirred my thoughts on firsts with her lovely post on Japanese traditions for New Year's day. Wonderful pics accompanied the post so I encourage you to go say "hi." 


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