Friday, March 12, 2010

In Times such as these...

The political landscape coupled with the bleak news on the environmental front leaves me cold. I wonder and worry at the future that faces my children and their children (if they have children which I pray they don't) An evening in front of the telly watching that show that I mention occasionally here and blog about at with a glass of champagne and some chocolate generally brings my piece of the world back into perspective-- or at least allows me to hide from the ugliness for a while.

When I was a child, books did that for me and I try to review the good ones I read here as well. When I was in high school and college, I discovered that theater held a similar magic for me. I could transport myself into another world and obliviate the pain and ugliness that surrounded me. I was also a music major in college and music became an ever increasing escape for me as I practiced and honed my instrument. Hours in a tiny practice room were spent hooting-- emitting an admittedly horrible sound that I was told would eventually enable me to reproduce the lovely songs of a nightingale. I don't know if I ever reached that Zen phase of a songster, but I still find myself melting to certain vocalists.

To that end, I recommend Claire Tchaikowski. With a vocal quality that floats amidst the clouds, she offers songs that balm the soul and carry it skyward. Virtually unknown amidst the teenybopper sameness on American radio, she offers the listener some of the qualities one might have expected from a vocalist-- such as range and tone quality. You can watch her video and hear one of her lovely songs on Youtube:


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