Friday, October 8, 2010

Drinking Key West

 There is drinking in Key West and then there is drinking in Key West. My friend and fellow blogger Conchscooter is a dispatcher of the Southernmost police department and has the fun job of taking calls during the night and most of those calls concern bar brawls, drunks sleeping on porches (not their own), domestic quarrels and other night life  (un)pleasantness. 
Key West has a vivid and active nightlife which we avoid at all costs.
That does not mean we do not enjoy drinking at the Southernmost end of the Contiguous part of the United States (which is actually an inaccurate description as Key West is an actual island- but we'll save that discussion for another post or you can read about it on my KeyWestTV tumblr blog- link in my blog roll) Our first act of initiation on the island is to rush here-- Blue Heaven-- and have a drink to celebrate our arrival on the island. It is a time honored tradition that should be celebrated with a toast. Maybe next time we are on the island, we'll have a second toast to celebrate our tradition!   
In addition to that we found that our favorite drink of choice was offered at the local Winn Dixie and with a hot tub on our deck we were set. With chilled glasses in hand we went out into the palm tree canopied night and poured ourselves glasses of champagne and enjoyed the gulf breeze as it cooled us ever so slightly even in the August days of summer. We reminisced about our prior trips or dream of the type of house we'd live in if we lived here. We watched the stars sprinkling the night-sky and marveled at how many we can see in a sky unfettered by light pollution. 
That was at the end of the day...
Pepe's Cafe, we have long since discovered, has a bartender who has weathered many a storm on the island and squeezes the orange juice right into the champagne, and serves a delicious breakfast to boot. It's a GRRRREAT way to start the day. Tony the Tiger has a few things to learn yet about what really is GRRREAAT. 
The bartender is not pictured as he wouldn't let me take his picture but he deserves some accolades here- not only for his delicious (and healthy! We can't forget the vitamin C that is in the fresh squeezed orange juice!) mimosas but the entertainment he provides every time. Generally we sit at the bar (on the left- this was our second visit and he wasn't there that day or we might have waited) and enjoy his company as well as recommendations for food. 
For drinks in the afternoon we head back to our favorite place--- (and just in case your ready to call for an intervention for me, this is not the same day. I have not yet become that successful a writer!)
to a place that has as much character as the island itself...
On yet another day when we were determined to set our hands to pen and paper, read a bit and taste a bit of the island (Key Lime Pie!) It was a lovely way to while away an afternoon in a place that innervates the creative energies. 
Some may choose the wild party life of the Southernmost City but I can't think of a better way to have a vacation. Come to think of it-- I can't think of a better way to live. Time to head out and get a bottle of champagne! 


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