Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or treat

A fav:Bugs heads out trick-or-treating and winds up at a Witch's door who is in the process of preparing a brew whose final ingredient is a rabbit's clavicle. Bugs tries to flee but is cornered with the cleaver. Doom is surely at hand when Bugs appeals to the Witch's tender side and the witch finds her comeuppance by turning into a beautiful babe- exactly what she had most feared! A true WB classic cartoon.

Halloween is one of the last holidays that is just about fun... no religious ties to ruin the mood, no somber event to cloud the party- just a great deal of spooky fun. I was discouraged from enjoying spooky things when I was little and I ruined Halloween for my children by not teaching them how fun it is to be have your teeth chattering in the middle of the night when you're all alone in the dark. But now that I am older and realize what I missed, I'm glad I can still enjoy it.... even if I can't knock on doors and threaten the residents in order to get a treat.

Happy Halloween!


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