Thursday, December 18, 2008

family and christmas?

Some folks may tolerate their families for Christmas, succumbing to the guilt that everyone needs to be with family on the holiday (never mind that they are not the people you really want to be with). Some may have to put up with their mother's insulting comments about their cooking or their untidy house, their father's pushiness about their work or income, etc. Not fun. My family are all religious freaks- so religious that they think they have the right, even at my age, to disapprove of my life. They expect me, for some odd reason, to submit to their guilt trips and (terrible) advice for my life. They expect- no, demand that I be nicer more loving than they are willing to be. Well at my age, I'm done with that and there will be no forced family niceties where I am concerned. I don't think I owe them anything to them all things considered (see the memoirs below if you're curious).


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