Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Time is...
slippery when wet
a star jetting across darkened heavens
a snowflake weeping into the sidewalk
 ticking away (okay not that one)
water smoothing the surface of stone
the rings in a tree
a child's hand folded quietly in a mother's hand
lightning ripping the sky
breath on an ice-chilled window
the shadowing light
a tear snaking down a cheek
the golden leaf butterflying down to it's rest on the earth
my sigh 
 I'm thinking about renaming this the '"No... Thank you!" Award' I think it's appropriate to thank ALL (yes all- even if you're new I do thank you!) the commentors on my blog. They keep me going even when I don't want to go anymore. Like today
While I have her on my mind (I just read her blog) I want to introduce you to Sarah. She's a writer. And she has four little girls. And she's a writer.
Hope you say hello.
Thank you, Sarah! 


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