Monday, November 8, 2010

The alien

For months you were an alien inside me
unfurling and moving of your own accord
indifferent to the space you'd invaded
taking over as though it were 
your kidney to recline upon
your lungs to kick
your stomach to raid
expanding as though 
into the eternal
heedless of the limits of time...
or space 
-my space-
And you dwelt there
all at once 
and not mine
in the sacred dark of my womb
Until the day arrived
-was it really so many years ago?-
that it was time to awaken unto the world
to find your humanness
You were wrinkled and pink
bent and battered
a Mr MaGoo face
angelic to a new mother's embattled gaze
At first it seemed you still belonged there
in the warm cocoon of my center
I held your smallness and recall
that strange oneness
Yet quickly you gain your foreignness
your otherness
You roll away from me
so that you can crawl off
and walk into the next room
and run outside
and peddle to your friend's home
where you will get in a car and drive off to meet your friends
and steal your first kiss in the backseat of your new car
then fly off to see the world
In a blink of an eye you are an alien outside of me
with a life that has little to do with me
Yet still you are the alien
whose nose I blew
whose vomit I washed off myself
that I held in the dark nights in the hospital
that I fretted over when the oxygen wouldn't flow
that I frowned at when your words were too cheeky
whose grades I fussed over each report card
that I yelled at when you sauntered in late
that I love


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