Saturday, April 2, 2011


As a child, heading into The City meant shiny shoes and dress clothes
  Gazing at buildings from car windows as we drove down traffic laden streets, 
the excitement was tangible, Country mouse safe in her fishbowled car
 looking up at the city, gawking at towering windows 
that reach up into the sky.   
There is elation still as I walk the streets downtown 
staring up at buildings that angle up into the skies, 
quadrangles and triangles of brilliant blue  
  the morning is brisk and the crowds have disappeared through glass doors,
up elevators where,
in the bustle of the day's busyness, 
They Forget     
 Cerulean skies that seem to be just within reach 
  The streets, teeming with life, 
with those who are not so fortunate
who carry their life in a bag that rolls along the street for humanity to gawk at
 Who wear misfortune with the same casualness that some don their day's wardrobe
 the spectrum of the rainbow that splatters the walkways 
  "art" that amuses amidst the stone cold hardness of the streets
 peddlers who make their daily bread one sausage at a time     
and the bus/train drivers who keep the urbanites connected with home
It's all here in Downtown...
In the immortal words... (umm, okay maybe not so immortal) of Petula Clark 
When you're alone
And life is making you lonely,
You can always go downtown
When you've got worries,
All the noise and the hurry
Seems to help, I know, downtown


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