Thursday, January 22, 2009

The boob tube

Generally so much of what is on television today is drivel and too many people watch it out of habit, out of... whatever, mindlessly soaking in whatever is on at the expense of getting outside, reading (exercising the mind!) or relating to their families. But watching great television can also make the evening fun (especially if you have a special show you make a fuss over!) It just takes a bit of searching to find those shows. That's why I recommend a show like 'Madmen' to those who are interested in seeing those productions that contain a bit more thought. Another one that we're excited about is 'Primeval' (a BBC production) that was being show on BBCAmerica over the summer/fall and will be premiering it's third season next month on BBCAmerica and OnDemand. In it Nick Carter, an evolutionary zoologist, discovers prehistoric creatures running rampant through the streets of London. Chasing them down and getting to the bottom of the time rift that has enabled the beasts to lop off a head or two of the Londoners they run across is the gyst of the weekly romp.

Also, from the BBC: check out the new season of 'MI5' (a.k.a 'Spooks')! Just released this week, the British FBI is always in the process of foiling the conspiracy of the week. Not averse to killing off their spies (all too graphically in some cases!), they are also not afraid to show the dark side of the agency or the weaknesses of their personnel. Little torture anyone?


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