Monday, December 6, 2010

Dancing with a snow man

The snow swirls around us
dancing, careening, cavorting
tickling our noses 
and teasing our toeses 
We join in the whirling dirvishes 
 swirling whirls
whorling swirls
  whirs twirling
slowly turning 
to find 
a giant of snow 
Standing before us 
a grin of toothiness 
spread over his features 
We spread out our arms 
to ask for waltzes 
and the jolly coal eyes 
sparkled down at the lark
and then as we stand in the silence of the dark
a call comes from the lighted warmth
we hug him tightly
and whisper lightly  
and slip off
to leave him in the 
whorling night


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