Thursday, January 27, 2011

Favorite Mug

Erica and Christy are hosting the HOTNESS on Thursdays Blogfest and while I have a busy day and wasn't sure I would have the time to participate my morning was freed up I think I'll have time to get to see many of your entries today and what I don't get to today I will come to see tomorrow!! So without further ado! My favorite mug which I actually do not drink out of because I do not want to ruin it with dishwashings, etc. 
It's an Ann Taintor mug. Ann Taintor, if you are unfamiliar, uses actual pictures from the 50s and puts hilarious  quotes next to them. If your wondering why this particular one caught my eye, you can read more about my history here, otherwise, take my word for it, it was what life was like for me at one time.

Another favorite:
And I do drink a lot of hot tea out of this one... so there you have it. 
My favorite mugs!  


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