Monday, May 16, 2011

We're off on our Blog Vacation!!!! WOOHOOO!!

I've discovered that the cheapest way to get to Key West is to fly into Fort Lauderdale and then rent a car and drive down to Key West-- at least if there are more than two of you going and since there are several of us, we definitely want to take the cheapest route! Besides, the drive down is spectacular (if driven at the right time of day- preferably early in the morning before the day trippers hit the road!) BUT....
We'll need a few things in order to make it a truly memorable drive: Snacks, a good book, and some Music!
In the first group I will have a good stash of the most important food group: Chocolate!!! Lindt Chocolate to be more specific and for dessert we can splurge on white chocolate truffles. Recognizing that you might tire of chocolate (what???? that's blasphemy!) what are your favorite road food treats?
Now book. Currently I am reading The Pale King penned by the late, great David Foster Wallace. Unfortunately this will just not do for beach reading or even passenger seat reading (you are taking a turn at the wheel aren't you?!?! It's about a 5 hour drive and with stops we might make it a full day...) So, I think I will take the fluffiest of fluffs this year and bring the Harlequin Romance Christmas in Key West. Cheesy but how can I go wrong reading a book that contains such phrases like "The warm tropical breeze that she suddenly longed to feel every day of her life washed over her." while sitting on a the beach in Key West? So what are you bringing?
And as for music...This one is important. At least for me. I grew up with music all around me. I was a singer most of my adult life (I was born to play 'Hello Dolly!'- no... REALLY, I was!) and the background music we drive to is important. Sooo... I'll choose one, then you choose! But let's hit the road, then I'll get the music going...
Oops! Maybe I shouldn't take pictures whilst driving! Little crooked... but the effect isn't lost. All right now! Mood music!
The air is so warm and lovely! 
Thanks for driving! 
Sorry to reach over--- but the skies and water are breathtaking! I just had to get this shot! 

In all there are about 4500 keys that extend from the southernmost tip of Florida south and west down to the Dry Tortugas. Some, like the ones we are driving on (and Key West), are large enough to inhabit. Others we simply passover and others, like the one we see above, are merely mangroves that have grown up in shallow waters*.
I was thinking we might stop in at the Dolphin Research Center. What do you think? I've not been before and it could be fun...



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