Tuesday, October 8, 2013

what is your favorite X-file?

September 10 was the 20th anniversary of the airing of X-Files.
I didn't watch it the first go-round. I had small children at the time and had a more sensitive nature, I guess. At any rate, I've watched the first 5 seasons (which were the best years in my opinion) and the final movie & enjoyed it immensely. (Oh and I did go to the 'X-Files: I want to Believe'- I thought they needed to go back to what they were best at.)  In fact it made it into my top 10 Horror/Science Movie Quotes that was hosted by Jeremy at beingretro and Ellie Garratt. Tonight's anniversary airing was 'The Jersey Devil' which was the closest the X-Files ever came to investigating Bigfoot (they show pictures of Bigfoot) which is about the only paranormal event they don't investigate in the show.
At any rate, my favorite X-file is probably 'Flukeman'. I never like outhouses before and I certainly do not like them after seeing that episode. Even viewing the pictures of the Fluke for this blogpost, I was creeped out (perhaps I still have a bit of a sensitive nature). It might be one that will make it to my "what to watch for Halloween week" list...
So in honor of the month of creepiness... what is your favorite X-File?


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