Monday, January 17, 2011

Versatile Blogger award and Monday miscellanies...

Okay if I get this right... passing this on has certain rules, first link to the original awarder which I am happy to do. Donea at The Queen of Procrastination (click on the award to go to her blog!) awarded me with The Versatile Blogger a little over a week ago and I was quite surprised and thrilled but wanted to take a few days to think about who to pass it on to... 
So I would like to pass it on to Burrowers, Books & Balderdash for their creative endeavors as a team and as individuals- most particularly Rayna M. Iyers who had a spectacular picture story on the thirteenth of January. Check it out!!!  
Some all also have their own blogs: 
Leanne: Violaleanne

Now: the seven (really seven???) things about myself: (WHO CARES?!?!?!)
~ I have a 23 year old daughter (yup! I'm that old! That's why you never see pics of my oldest two on here. I'd have to admit it. I keep them hidden on another blog)
~ I have a wicked toe pinch (I've picked up quite a few items over the years when my hands were full)
~ I played trumpet all through school. 
~ I was a DJ for a year and did the late night shift.
~ I nearly had my car stolen by a man who snuck in the back seat of my car while I was in a 7-11 but I cunningly clubbed him in the back of the head and flagged down a policeman. True story. 
~ I saw 20 cities in Europe in 21 days in January (1984). It was crazy-- don't do it! 
~ I hated ALL green vegetables and did not eat them until I was in college and I am still alive and healthy

It's Monday and my new day off although generally I would have to work part of the day. but today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day so I am off the entire day so I am going to take advantage of it and get some real Writing done. That means having music for inspiration, some champagne and no blogging (I'll have to catch up tomorrow folks!). Writing tip for the day... came first from Stephen King but was reiterated and heightened by my darling Mo: Read!    
Read authors who write better than you do, read books that inspire you to write better, that inspire you to write, that inspire you, and perhaps even intimidate. Don't read just anything read creative works!!!! Stephen King (who is NOT an author I admire by any stretch of the imagination) reads several hours each day because even he acknowledges that it helps his writing... and the more you challenge your reading the more your writing will be effected! 
Picture taken at Fahrenheit Books in Denver


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