Saturday, October 19, 2013

hope for migraine sufferers?

In other words me. 
And you. if you have migraines or chronic headaches, cluster headaches- hope for you too.

My neurologist (just think I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for this info and you’re getting the benefit of my medical experience for free!) told me about a device on Wednesday that could help my migraines on a permanent basis. I tried it out and wasn’t too sure as I still woke up with a migraine on Thursday. However I don’t think immediate results are expected and I was supposed to try it two more times. The second time was Friday and the third will be Monday. Friday I again woke up with a migraine but the pill I took was not as effective as it usually was. Frustrated, I left the house armed with backup pills and the hope that maybe the treatment would help. Well…
no picture of me with it on, alas!
Amazingly, I sat with the tiara (that’s what my doctor called it) and let it do its electrode thing (it feels a bit like being massaged only way more intensely) and after 20 minutes I felt much better. And this morning was my first migraine free morning in 10 days. It might be a coincidence… but it might not. Fingers crossed. I have another treatment on Monday and we’ll see how that goes. If it goes well, I might just have found some hope in a little crown for my head.   

It’s called a Cefaly.

And it is... A prevention program designed to increases the production of endorphins and raises the trigger threshold of the pain.
 They say there are:
No Side effects. Cefaly can replace or reduce the consumption of painkilling medication, with no side-effects.
It's an effective pain relief:  blocking pain and provides relief during attacks.
Reduce Stress: An anti-stress program produces general relaxation and a strong sense of well-being.

So there you go. The only problem is... it's not available in the U.S. and it's not covered by insurance (don't ask) so it will be an out of pocket expense. It will be pretty expensive but if it ends up working it could save me a lot of money because I wouldn't have to go to my specialist anymore (he may be sorry he introduced me to it!) and migraine meds. It could really save me money in the end.


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