Sunday, May 25, 2014

The comfort zone...

This week has been a week of chaos. I don't remember feeling off  my stride in the position I'm in as I have for the past week. We were interviewing for two shelving positions and were short handed. I was trying to get everyone breaks and lunches but that can be tricky when the person you're interviewing is chatty.

Part of it was The Weather
Tuesday hail started pouring down and pummeling cars. (I was checking on my car a bit anxiously- it's in the back of the lot)
Sirens were going off and we all headed to the community room for 30-45 minute intervals. All in all we got to have this much fun three times this week with 7 tornadoes being spotted in the Denver area on Wednesday. 
Washington Post
We are not in Tornado Alley and I can't remember ever having this many tornado warnings this many days in a row. It was reminded me of being a kid in Oklahoma and Kansas! To top it off we had a meeting I'd forgotten with our new manager on Wednesday (tornado day) when we also had interviews and that afternoon I was asked to cover... 
 Book Babies is our singing/story time for 0-2 year old and I've never even been in the room during that time. But we had no one else to do it and it needed to be done on Friday. Now I'm not a complete novice... I taught pre-school back in... deep time. But I haven't hokey pokied in ages so I was going to have to limber up and ungrease those wheels. I've been spending my working hours counting beans, making the schedule, and making sure stuff is getting done. I am not used to playtime at work. Major brain shift. To make it more complicated I was making a deposit just before I went in to play and my deposit was short! GACK!!!   

To end the week on a further uncomfortable note, a job posting came up for a new position in a different library system. It's a little nerve wrecking even thinking about putting in an application but sometimes you have to stretch your wings... 

Speaking of which, time to do some editing and writing. What new things are coming your way?   

Monday, May 12, 2014

snow, snow go away.

come again in the NEXT IN SEVERAL MONTHS!!!!!

It's almost mid May! This snow needs to vamoose!!!
Looking at the average temps for Denver this morning, it's not that it's unusual for Denver to get the last frost in May. But the average last frost is April 28 and for the last 10 years more of those days are falling later and later. Weather is definitely chaotic here!
 I'm sorry folks, get on board with climate change. Even Shell Oil, BP and the other oil companies admit it's real, they're just planning on profiting on the misery of those who can't protect themselves.


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