Monday, October 1, 2012

Ack! It started...

Well it's October and I have ridiculously committed myself to NaBloWriMo once again. I believe I finished last year having only missed one day, but I suspect I won't make every day of posting for a month this year as there is just not the time- but having said that, I am still going to give it a try. So, off I go---
 One of the things I decided I wanted to do with my time this month is to give out an award that was given to me some months back. I have given up on awards for the most part, but this one was a little different. In my last post I mentioned that without readers, our blogs would be... well, they'd just be a lot quieter, I suppose. As a result, I want to spend the month recognizing the folks who comment here so I am giving all my top commentors the 'Great Comments Award!' and I'll be giving a little intro and shoutout to them- one each day. 
This morning I awoke, rubbed the sleep out of my eye and checked my email. In my box was the regular stuff I receive which included a new posting from LadyFi. Not a new thing, as I was saying but always a day brightener. Lovely pictures and bits of wisdom to give me something to think about. LadyFi has become an old friend, having commented about 3 (is it 3 already?) years (my how time flies!). Give yourself a gift today and visit her blog. I promise, you'll feel refreshed afterwards. 
 So, I'm heading out, off to the races, moving on up, etc., etc. Who knows where the road will lead this year but I'm always game for new things so we'll see. If you're visiting from NaBlo and you're wondering who I am, there's a link at the top that gives a bit more info, or you can stick around and I'll try to give more info as the days proceed. For today?
 Hello, my name is a Danette and I am soooo happy to meet you. Welcome to 'There's a Place I Dream About.'   


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