Sunday, January 3, 2010

The stars have aligned!

Sheriff Cody Jeremiah Jefferson: Am I early?
Star: Actually you're a little late cowboy. What? You want me to put on a pretty party dress so you spend all night trying to take it off me? Why don't we skip that part?

Star: Flowers?
Sheriff Cody Jeremiah Jefferson: Roses. Their organic.
Star: Thank you.
[takes bite of flower]
Star: Ever eat a rose?
Sheriff Cody Jeremiah Jefferson: No I've eaten a lot of thin-
[Star puts rose in his mouth]
Star: See?... That's just the first thing your going to learn tonight
Sheriff Cody Jeremiah Jefferson: Um, You know, I believe we knew each other before
Star: Now we're going to know each other now

Star: Listen to me. You might be one of the great lovers of the western world, I'll give you that. And if, broccoli juice and yoga can turn all men into the bunk bunny you are, I will start paying for group fares to India myself, just--- knock it off with the gooey stuff, okay?


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