Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring fever

Staring out the window, I long to do nothing other than bask in the sun's warmth, gaze at the marshmellowed blueness above me and feel the warm breeze tugging at my hair. The last-day-of-school-excitement has been long been part of my yesterdays but Grannus* has always held sway over my heart.
I watch the first buds of spring on my windowsill with the anticipation of Christmas morning.
 There is promise in the little bumps that stretch awkwardly outward, capturing sunlight for photosynthesized food. 
And a year's worth of care and tenderness produces flower laden branches, their arms bursting- a tender homage to the sun. 
The orchid. My personal piece of sunshine on my windowsill!

 I've been so busy with plants and my little patio garden I haven't even been thinking about blogging but I thought I would share a little of my labors with you. I've had this orchid for 2 years now and I am always delighted by it's flower. What about you? Have you been planning and planting your garden?  

*Grannus was a deity associated with warm spas, thermal healing, mineral springs and the Sun- a celtic Apollo worshiped mainly in northern Gaul. 


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