Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday in the park

 I am proud to tell you that Denver has the 13th best park system in the U.S. according to a survey conducted by the Trust for Public Land. And it's something we don't take for granted.  
Today we decided to take a lesser traveled (for us) path and went to Sloan's Lake, a man-made waterway- ostensibly for the beauty and pleasure of the residents.
In more water bountiful states they might consider this a pond but in Colorado, a semi-arid state, a trickle becomes a stream, a stream becomes a river, etc. etc.
 Walking around the park, we had glorious late fall temps and blue skies. Quite a crowd of folk (although not as crowded as some of the city's more popular spots- spots we usually avoid) were walking, running, biking, talking... Well, you get the picture. 
I was busy snapping photos so you could enjoy the scenery.


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