Monday, September 12, 2011


All right kids the leaves in the backyard are changing and you know what that means! Danette is going to curl up into a corner (not what I mean to say) Fall is right around the corner, pretty leaves, crisp air, but bigger and better is NaBloWriMo. What's that? What's that you ask??? (because you've been living under a rock for the past four years or so!!!) Why it's National Blog Writer's Month, OF COURSE! Hosted by Not Hannah of I'm Not Hannah blogsomeness but originally created by Amy of Crafte-Revolution as a way to encourage bloggers to write every day. "What do you do to participate in said NaBloWriMo???" you ask. Just drop in on the blog and sign up (you'll see the instructions on the September 7th entry.) 

Participation is easy- easier than the A-Z challenge and can be incorporated into the Writer's Campaign so don't be worried that you're already committed to too much: All it is daily blogging for the month of October and if you don't make it all the way through nobody is going to carve a pumpkin face into you! It's an opportunity to meet more bloggers and win some prizes (Miz Amy of aforementioned Crafte-Revolution is giving away ebooks for bloggers and there will be more!) so sign up, meet new friends and just Have Fun!  

Oh and the pumpkin is cute but isn't the button. We'll be seeing that soon. This is from last year. For a bit of continuity I thought I'd post it so you'd see it when you went to the official NaBloWriMo blog. But Let's make it a real National-- scratch that INTERNATIONAL event, bloggers! 
Sign up today!!! (even if all you write that day is "Don't have much to blog on today, need to get some writing done. See you all tomorrow! *waves*) 


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